Alchemy Spa

We welcome you (and tempt you) into the tangible and majestic experience of shifting, unblocking, and/or transmuting the energy that lives inside of you and your dreams, to be actualized in your everyday life. Our team of practitioners will assist you through aligning your beliefs, self-worth and energy with your intended vision, passion or subject … the true process of alchemy and manifestation.

We believe that our main purpose in life is to uncover, experience and follow the path that guides us towards becoming the most evolved version of Ourselves. Therefore, the closer we get to becoming WHOLE and truly being ALIVE, the more we are rewarded with the subjects that we most desire. So . . the moment we create our lists, heed the call, expand our minds and hearts, learn our lessons and pass our tests, becomes the very same moment that the universe can deliver us our deepest longings. The Universe can only hand over our manifestations if we’ve healed and shifted the blocks preventing us from all that we are calling in.

Aura Soma

with Jacqui Forster

$165 for 60 min.

The AURA-SOMA Color Care System is a beautiful non-intrusive, self-selective soul system that combines the energies of color, plants, and crystals. It is a divinely inspired tool that helps you to understand your true nature, what your current limitations are and how you can work through them.


You are the colors you choose and each thought and emotion that passes through us changes our colors and the vibrations with which we are surrounded.


Expand beyond your limitations.

Each bottle is shaken to combine the two colors and applied to the skin. Your body knows where to take it, and facilitates the process of resolution.

Fearless Intuition

with Kirra Sherman

$165 for 30 min session
$335 for 60 min session

Are you fearless in the living of your truth?

Because you create your destiny… but are you listening?

Intuition will show you the way.

The more you follow your intuition, the more alive you will become, and the less questions you’ll have about how to live your purpose, find meaning or aliveness because you will have come alive.

One Intuitive Reading Can change the Course of your whole life . ..

What you’ll gain:

  • more clarity about what’s possible for you can experience more of what you love and less like anything in your life is holding you back.
  • move through transitions in your life that’s challenging you so you can experience more ease and less anxiety or stress.
  • know yourself at a deeper level so you can live with more freedom to make decisions you love and realize what being in your true power holds for you in all areas of your life so you can have a more unlimited life experience full of joy, aliveness, and experience more peace.

Chinese Medicine

Brittany Buffalino

$175 for 60 min session
$225 for 90 min session

Personalized Medicine that Empowers You to Achieve
Your Highest Expression of Health
Aspen Elevated Health, one of Aspen’s premier Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, focuses on preventative medicine, injury rehabilitation, pediatrics and overall health and balance. Aspen Elevated Health is founded on the principle that the body has a natural ability to fight disease and illness. Using ancient Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture and customized herbal formulas, my goal is to unlock your innate ability to heal yourself.

Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Brittany Buffalino, offers personalized natural treatments that correct imbalances in the body, keep you pain free and help you get back to doing what you love. Whether you summit mountains or raft in the gorges, you understand how important balance is and you value your physical and emotional health. Together we will explore the connection between what is going on in your life and how it is manifesting in your body. We will work as a team to find blockages in your body and the source of your pain or discomfort.


Take Shakti Home

We are over the moon excited to share with you a little taste of Shakti that will help keep you feeling ALIVE in your everyday (even if you cannot regularly be present in our Mothership Studio here in Aspen CO).

Shakti Luv

$29 per month, autopay
  • New Moon, Full Moon & Monday Night Radiant DJ Flow Yoga class audio recordings with Aspen Shakti owner/creatriss Jayne Gottlieb & resident DJ Bhakti Styler
  • Subscription to The Shakti Sparkle – Monthly Tips & Favorite Secrets shared straight from the Shakti Soul – to inspire you, to make you laugh, and to spread greatness.
  • Mini Welcome Gift – to spoil you

Shakti Lux


We know that part of the magic, success and magnificence of a meditation practice lies in the beauty of the sanctuary space you have in which to practice.

We want you to feel loved, beautiful and like the Fairy, Queen or Goddess (depends on the day, right?), that you are, every time you step foot into your own Shakti In-home studio …  and so we have put together the most lavish, lush and sumptuous of collections for you to indulge. 

12-month Subscription to Shakti Luv

  • New Moon, Full Moon & Monday Night Radiant DJ Flow class audio recordings with Aspen Shakti owner/creatriss Jayne Gottlieb & resident DJ Bhakti Styler
  • Subscription to The Shakti Sparkle – Monthly Tips & Favorite Secrets shared straight from the Shakti Soul – to inspire you, to make you laugh, and to spread greatness. t

Elegant Sheepskin
to warm and luxuriate your sanctuary space, an incredibly soft and sweet New Zealand sheepskin you’ll never want to leave. Great motivation to support a consistent practice.

Chan Luu Wrap
a luxurious blend of cashmere and silk, complete with hand-spun fringe, to keep you toasty and stylish while finding your Zen. We absolutely LOVE these scarves and we think every woman ought to have at least one.    

Samaya Meditation Cushion
a new meditation cushion for today’s practice with the best combination for support and comfort, designed to fit every space and style. We included this for your sitting pleasure and sophisticated taste.