Aspen's Premier Yoga Studio

The Aspen Shakti culture extends far beyond a physical space. It is a lifestyle, an elevated vibration and a way of seeing and being in the world that is light, positive, empowered, connected and playful!!

Classes at Aspen Shakti are carefully curated to be ‘best in class’ of their type.  All classes are taught by highly sought after expert professionals in their fields from a wide variety of traditions in yoga, meditation, dance, fitness and energy/consciousness expansion.  The Aspen Shakti approach is to teach the importance of adopting a consistent and FUN practice together with a vibrant tribe of like-minded rockstars   – that will ultimately inspire a healthier, more compassionate existence 100% of the time, no days off, woven into your lifestyle and your person.

Through our lifestyle culture we aim to attract, inspire, support and invite everyone (visitors and locals alike) to step more deeply into life.  We imagine you will notice that after being a part of our tribe, you will find yourself feeling ALIVE in a way that you never have before or didn’t even know was possible.   We want you to come experience our juju so that this Aspen Shakti spirit continues to grow far beyond Aspen and reaches into all of our daily lives, relationships, families, communities and beyond.  In this way, together, we will change the world!

Mountain Top Yoga

Yoga for everyone at 11,212 feet.
Join the Aspen Shakti team for sun salutations at the Sundeck this season. A mountaintop yoga class is the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul during your stay.

Start your morning with a gondola ride up Aspen Mountain. At the summit, head over to the wedding deck right beside The Sundeck for a yoga class geared toward hikers, bikers and all sports enthusiasts. Participants of all levels are welcome. The views are spectacular and yoga mats are provided.

Aspen Shakti is honored to offer yoga + meditation classes 5  days per week high atop aspen mountain.  Classes taught on the mountain are all levels and appropriate for total beginners to advanced practitioners. Experience this extraordinary adventure with us!

Summer Schedule

Monday 10:30-11:30am with Jamie B

Tuesday 10:30-11:30am with Laurie S

Wednesday 10:30-11:30am with Jayne G

Thursday 10:30-11:30am with Cortney S

Friday 10:30-11:30am with Jayne G

Pricing and Passes


  • Mini Shakti Flow $25
  • Classic Shakti Classes $28
  • Premium Shakti Classes $35


  • 20-Punch Pass:
    expires 6 months | $385
  • 50-Punch Pass:
    expires 12 months | $700

Monthly Unlimited:

$199 / month

Body Membership:

fitness + dance only | $75 / month

Radiant Membership:

  • 6 month commitment on auto pay
  • Unlimited access to all Shakti classes
  • Moon Tribe Membership
  • Shakti Welcome Gift
  • 2 guest passes
  • 20% off Shakti-branded retail
  • 20% off in our Alchemy spa
  • 15% off JÜS, Cyclebar & Outdoor Voices
  • Mat Storage

$159 / month

Radiant Week

Full Access to all Classes
$108 | One Week

Annual Unlimited:

$1,350 / year

Shakti Society

$35 / month

Alchemy Spa


package includes:

  • 25 min.crystal bath therapy session
  • Yoga class of your choice
  • Custom flower essence tincture
  • Aura soma equilibrium bottle
  • Shakti custom essential oil blend


14 Day Mind Body Spirit Cleanse

package includes:

  • 14 recordings of daily practices + meditations
  • 2 – 45 minute personal coaching sessions with Kirra Sherman
  • 2 weeks unlimited classes at Aspen Shakti
  • 2 – 25 minute crystal bath therapy sessions
  • Aura soma equilibrium bottle of your choice to assist your meditations



Meditation is like going to the gym. You can’t go once and expect immediate results. If you stick with it, it will change your life. You don’t need to learn every form of meditation; we encourage you to find the one that suits you best.

Many of our classes include a 10-20 minute meditation, and the meditation is most often thematic, and intended to be be perfect for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners.

In addition to our in-class meditations, we offer private instruction and guided meditations either in the privacy of your home/residence, or in studio when it is available.  Please inquire with the front desk and we will be glad to pair you with an instructor and/or experience that will be just right for you.  One of the things we are most excited about is the sanctuary/temple space we have created for all of us . . . our sacred space was designed as a powerful heart cave right in the core of Aspen and we aspire to make your meditation habit accessible, fun, and effortless.

New to Yoga


We do hope it helps you realize that you are absolutely welcome at our shala.

Please call on us if we can be of support to your practice.

We ask that you please make sure to review our class schedule and select an appropriate class for your level and your schedule. You can register online, use our Mobile App, and even sign up at the studio. Make sure you allow for time to find parking (it can be difficult to find in Aspen) and for checking in and taking a ‘pause from life’ to receive the greatest benefit from our offerings.  

15 minute request for new students

New students should plan to arrive to class a minimum of 15 minutes prior to their first class. This ensures adequate time to get you signed-in, through orientation, and set-up on your mat.

5 minute request for experienced students

Please make every effort to be on time. Please be seated in the yoga room a few minutes before the start of each class. Each class is organized with a beginning, middle and end, all of which contribute to your experience. If you come in late to class, you not only miss a part of this experience but you will disrupt the yoga experience for someone else as well.

SHOES: Remove your shoes BEFORE entering the yoga room. You will find shoe cubbies in the entrance, before you enter the Shakti space.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: feel free to bring them into the yoga room but please place them carefully in one of the designated storage cubbies. Please note: the studio is not responsible for your belongings.

CELL PHONE: We recommend that you please turn your cell phone OFF, or to silent, BEFORE entering the Shakti space.

PROPS: You may need a yoga block or a yoga strap depending on the instructor, the type of class, or if you simply prefer to use these tools. Please be sure to replace them to where you found time in a tidy way when the class is finished.  

HEAT: Some of our classes use more heat than others to get the body warm and open, however this is not a HOT yoga studio.  All classes range between 78-98 degrees depending on the class type.  

TOWEL: once you begin sweating, it may be wise to place a towel at the front and back of the mat to help with traction.  We have yoga towels both for your convenience as well as for purchase in our boutique.  Should you need one of these, please ask and we will be glad to help you.  

WATER: We recommend bringing a water bottle to class, or should you forget, we do have our most favorite ALEX bottles for sale in our boutique.  We have a filtered water hydration station in out entry way for your convenience.  

MUSIC: each teacher provides a variety of music based on their tastes and the rhythm of the class.

INSTRUCTOR: each instructor is quite unique, and yet every teacher at Shakti offers a compassionate and inspiring approach to yoga and mindfulness . If you do not connect with one teacher’s method/style, we encourage you to try another teacher, or ask questions at the front – we can help and we are here to ensure that you find a class type that suits your needs.  We are confident that, with an open mind, we can easily help you to find an instructor who sparks your own inner fire and who leads by an example that inspires you. Please visit our teachers page on our website to review our bios

ASSISTANTS: many teachers have room assistants who are fully certified as yoga instructors. They may come by to help you in your poses. Please let them know if you need anything or if you prefer not to be touched or assisted. We respect your needs.

INJURIES and HEALTH CONCERNS: please consult with your healthcare provider before beginning yoga. Please notify the teacher or assistants before class if you have any previous injuries or conditions that we need to be aware of.  

PREGNANT: CONGRATULATIONS!!  Please consult with your healthcare provider before beginning yoga, and please notify the teacher or assistants before class.  

CHANTING: this is a non-sectarian spiritual practice, just like yoga. The yoga of sound is integral to this experience and has no religious affiliation. It’s okay if you do not want to chant, but we encourage you to just sit and enjoy the energy in the room.

PERSONAL LIMITATIONS:  We really encourage you to know or pay attention to the difference between pain and discomfort. Pushing through pain is not productive and can cause serious injury,  discomfort is quite alright.  Ambition and greed in the practice only bring more tightness, which is counterproductive.  Part of the magic of yoga is tuning into the wisdom and power of your own breath while learning compassion for yourself and your personal evolution.

MEDITATION: many teachers offer a meditation at the end of the physical practice. Bask in this with great joy.

SAVASANA: this is your final relaxation. In order to receive all the benefits of your practice, we strongly encourage you to stay for the full experience of class.  If you absolutely cannot stay for Savasana, of course we understand.  Please respect your fellow students by quietly exiting before Savasana begins. We are committed to beginning and ending class on time so we have your back.

CLOSING: often, the teacher says a few words before we all bow to each other with gratitude. There is no hierarchy nor submissiveness here. We are all completely equal and utterly human. We say Namaste at the end to emphasize the equality of divine energy within every being. No one’s got more and no one’s got less!

Hydrate with clean, filtered water

Eat lightly (usually wait at least a half an hour or even more)

Shower: Over the next twenty-four hours really notice your body and any soreness or even openness. Don’t worry if you feel very sore or even a little tighter. Just trust the practice and keep doing it. You can break down many walls by sticking with it! Also notice how you feel mentally and emotionally. Over time, most practitioners begin to experience mental clarity and heart-felt kindness in their daily lives. But often we do stir up a lot of different emotions in the process. There’s no real need to worry about that, just let it flow but be careful what you do with it. Aim for great kindness always.


Our Teachers

One of the most powerful parts of Aspen Shakti and perhaps the most important thing that sets us apart is the careful construction of our shakti culture, story, and the characters that tell our story. Jayne works very intentionally and purposefully with each teacher to craft a vision statement, a specific voice, a teacher/leader archetype, class description and title so that what is offered on our schedule is true, accurate, and is a tribute to the amazing yogis and artists who make this place what it is.