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begin, return or advance your experience with yoga…

Private instruction can be beneficial for every type of yoga practitioner. Beginners, those with therapeutic needs and advanced practitioners can all glean deep feelings of well-being from spending one-on-one time with an experienced yoga teacher. These types of sessions allow for teachers and students to build working relationships while examining and identifying specific needs and co-creating a practice that addresses individual goals. Private instruction can be one of the best ways to begin, return or advance your experience with yoga.


  • On Location
    • Hotel
    • Private Residence
    • In studio
  • Instructors
    • All of our private yoga instructors are minimum 200 ryt and most have advanced credentials.
  • Reservations
    • Please contact our outreach coordinator, Kerrie Martin at outreach@aspenshakti.com or at 202-262-6788 to make an appointment. She will ask you a few questions to secure an instructor that will best meet your individual needs.

We can guarantee your appointment with 24 hours notice and can satisfy most last minute requests based on availability.

Menu of Offerings

Private sessions are formulated to your needs. Tell us what you are looking for and we will match the perfect experience and style for your session.

Yoga & Meditation

Alchemy Sessions


Yoga & Meditation

Reservations are required to book a private yoga or meditation session.
Please call our coordination at 202-262-6788

Sessions typically range from 45-90 minutes

  •  Moon Practices :  Yoga to restore & heal the body, calm and focus the mind
  •  Sun Practices :  Harvesting energy, Yoga to clear energy & refresh the body, mind, spirit connection
  •  Fire Practices :  Spiritual Honing & Meditation Techniques

Alchemy Sessions

Reservations are required to book a private session.
Please call the studio at 970-925-1655 to book an appointment

Prices vary & sessions range from 15-45 minutes

  •  Essential Oil Therapy, Energy Therapy & Crystal Healing (20 minute sessions)
  • Plasma Light Therapy (15 minute sessions)
  • Tarot Readings (30-45 minutes)

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Day Retreats

get outside and experience Aspen like a local…bike, hike, paddle + stretch!

Create your own Aspen Adventure

Private Adventure plus Yoga
  • Want to tailor a private adventure + yoga trip for your family, friends or group?
  • Customize all of the details, from the Yoga experience, length, number of participants, and activities included.
  • Contact our adventure trip coordinator, Sea Marie at 970.309.4012 OR outreach@aspenshakti.com

Maroon Bells Yoga and Hike

Every Thursday
$135 per person
  • Yoga : Yoga takes place at Aspen Shakti, guests are encouraged to take the 8:30-9:45am yoga class. If you prefer to take yoga later in the day, you will have a pass to take ANY yoga class on Thursday, the day of your adventure.
  • Trip length : 3 ½ hours
  • Capacity : 4 min, 20 max
  • Price : $135 per person
  • Hike Trip departs from Aspen Shakti at 10am return to Aspen 1:30pm
  • Lunch : Big Wrap sack lunch included (need to be notified of dietary concerns upon booking)

Roaring Fork Aspen White Water Rafting plus Yoga

Every Tuesday
$145 per person
  • Yoga : Yoga takes place at Aspen Shakti, guests are encouraged take the 10-11 yoga class. If guests do not want to take the morning class they will have a pass to take ANY yoga class on Thursday, the day of their adventure
  • Trip length : 4 hours
  • Capacity : 4 min, no max
  • Price : $145 per person
  • Raft Trip departs from Aspen Shakti at 1pm to raft the Roaring Fork River. Return back to Aspen 5pm.
  • Lunch : NOT included, guests are encouraged to eat before they leave

Destination Retreats

Aspen Shakti houses a vibrant, living, breathing, mindful community with an incredible variety of live music events and destination-based retreats offered year round. If you seek to deepen your personal practice, we offer many paths and experiences to inspire that growth.
Please call Aspen Shakti at 970-925-1655 or email our manager at becky@aspenshakti.com to find out details about joining us on an upcoming retreat.

Aspen Radiance


We invite you all into of one of Aspen’s most luxurious and sought after destinations for the epic,

Aspen MIND • BODY • SPIRIT experience.

We believe that a mind • body • spirit infusion is a must-have for any true holiday from your daily life.

Read on to find out how we’ve made it easier than ever for you to partake in this experience as well as to learn more about how our offerings will enhance your visit to Aspen.

Aspen Shakti is Aspen’s Favorite Yoga Studio. Here you will find over 40 yoga, dance and fitness classes per week. Our staff is comprised of the most seasoned, talented and highly sought after instructors in the Valley and beyond.

Luxuriate is our upscale and sophisticated studio space complete with high-end finishes such as barnwood walls, exposed brick, Moroccan lanterns, and rain-glass entry doors. You will feel right at home among Aspen locals in an unparalleled ambiance.

At select Aspen Radiance Wellness Resorts, you will gain unlimited access to Aspen Shakti for up to 2 guests in your room/residence during your stay.  You many enjoy any classes on our regular schedule for the entirety of your visit.  Simply inquire at the concierge desk for specific pricing and details depending on which resort you are calling ‘home’ while you are here.  

Available at select Aspen Radiance Wellness Resorts; current participating properties include


Welcome to 7907 ft! We’re here to help…

  • Altitude sickness is due to the decrease in available oxygen. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, fatigue dizziness and insomnia. Fortunately, a yoga practice has been determined to be an effective remedy.
  • Yoga uses controlled breathing patterns to increase respiratory efficiency. Clinical study has found that at high altitude, subjects practicing yoga had improved oxygen use and ventilation and reduced changes in their blood that resembled Himalayan natives.
  • The long, deep, breathing taught in yoga classes calms the mind, slows the heartbeat and expands the lungs, so that a big shot of oxygen goes to the brain.
  • According to the High Altitude Medical Research Centre (HAMRC), the highest multi-specialty hospital in the world focusing on high-altitude medicine, yoga reduces wear and tear of the heart and produces mental tranquility, greater alertness, flexibility and enhanced tolerance of the cold.

Corporate Wellness

Offerings Include:

  • One time yoga classes
  • daily yoga + meditation programming enhancements
  • conscious team building
  • day retreats yoga + an aspen activity adventure
  • AV equipment

Additional services can be arranged:

  • Life or Business Coaching
  • Conscious Leadership Consultation
  • Wellness therapies – massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy
  • Team building leader training

Relaxation, Concentration and Vitality with Aspen Shakti

Aspen has long been known as a destination for innovation, adventure and cultural leadership.  We enthusiastically invite you to elevate your group’s time in Aspen with enhancements from our canon of corporate and group experiences. Aspen Shakti provides custom-designed classes, weekends, or week-long retreats or retreat enhancements to cater to your specific needs. Activities can be crafted to bring participants closer together or simply provide the opportunity to unwind and shed layers from the pace of city living and drop into present moment living – and Aspen specialty!  We offer programs in a highly supportive, stress-free environment.

The benefit of a corporate retreat away from the regular office routine can be a renewed sense of inspiration, creativity and motivation. Your team will recharge and refocus on your goals. A private group retreat can also help bring balance to each individual team member’s work life balance, physical form, and sense of wellbeing. This is the unique and specialized offering of Aspen Shakti, an oasis for enhancing vitality to fully come ALIVE and the opportunity to achieve your group’s results with playfulness, ease, calm and focus.