Buddhi on the Deck

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Let’s get sweaty, let’s get open, let’s get stronger, clearer and back into a yoga flow!
AVAILABLE BEGINNING June 15th | 9 sessions |

Here you will join Jayne for 9 classes, each 65 min long.

BUDDHI Classes are all about breath,  joy,  and shaking out the old, stagnant, stuck energy that we carry so we can move through life light, free, creative and vibrantly ALIVE!

Expect classes to be joyful, intelligent, soulful and intense.  Classes are a blend of breath, yoga, dance, kriyas and core work.  Jayne’s main intention is to inspire students to move and awaken the very powerful energy in the second chakra,  to bring it up the spine and into the heart.  She creates an environment where participants can receive a visceral experience of their own beauty, magnificence, power and SHAKTI.

Content coming soon.

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