Ready to get back on your mat and back into YOGA-SHAPE?

Join Jayne for 13 ONLINE classes, each 65 min long. Classes are filmed on location in Basalt, CO.

Course Material Available Beginning June 15th 2020 | 13 sessions

Classes are intended to open and wake up the body, get you sweaty, inspire the heart, remind the mind of its place and its constructive power, and enliven the spirit! 

A PHYSICAL SERIES designed specifically to touch all muscle groups and to strengthen, tone and lengthen each area of the body.

PRACTICE 1 | Feet, Quads & Hamstrings
PRACICE 2 | Glutes & Outer Hips
PRACTICE 3 | Hip Flexors & Pelvic Floor
PRACTICE 4 | Core, Core, Core
PRACTICE 5 | Solar Plexus & Side Body
PRACTICE 6 | Lower Back
PRACTICE 7 | Middle Back & Heart
PRACTICE 8 | Back Bends & Heart Openers
PRACTICE 9 | Shoulders
PRACTICE 10 | Arms
PRACTICE 11 | Side Body
PRACTICE 12 | Twists
PRACTICE 13 | A symphonic flow through the entire body

Overall, you can expect classes to be joyful, intelligent, soulful and intense.  Jayne’s classes are a masterful blend of breath, alignment and flow.  She uses intelligent cues that have been developed over her 20-plus years of practicing and teaching to lead students towards radiant health.  As always, Jayne’s main intention is to invite students to remember the profound importance of enjoying the journey along the way  – after all, it IS truly the whole point of it all as WE DO NOT GET THIS DAY BACK!

COURSE MATERIAL AVAILABLE June 15th 2020 | 13 sessions


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During this time when we are all doing our very best to stay safe, we are seeing how important connection is as well. Shakti is an important part of our lives and while the doors to the studio aren’t physically open, we are doing everything we can to bring the studio to you virtually.  We have created a few options to help enrich that experience, create sacred space in your homes and support the studio at the same time.