Buddhi on the Deck with Jayne |LIVE BUDDHI WITH JAYNE | June 1-30th


June 1-30th | 9 sessions Tues & Fri | 11:30-12:35p

at Jayne’s home in Basalt

Ready to get back into BUDDHI?

Join Jayne for 9 classes, each 65 min long.

BUDDHI Classes are all about breath,  joy,  and shaking out the old, stagnant, stuck energy that we carry so we can move through life light, free, creative and vibrantly ALIVE!

Expect classes to be joyful, intelligent, soulful and intense.  Classes are a blend of breath, yoga, dance, kriyas and core work.  Jayne’s main intention is to inspire students to move and awaken the very powerful energy in the second chakra,  to bring it up the spine and into the heart.  She creates an environment where participants can receive a visceral experience of their own beauty, magnificence, power and SHAKTI.


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BUDDHI is a transformative full body workout that releases stored drama and enlivens the free, powerful and infinitely creative spirit and ecstatic body.
This series is a highly curated WELL ROUNDED AND SUPER FUN COLLECTION of practices designed specifically to deliver all the components of BUDDHI that you have come to love, as well as to explore variations in the practice, like strengthening and/or a deeper more sultry style of class.  

PRACTICE 1 | BUDDHI OG (original gangster)
PRACTICE 2 | BUDDHI ST (strengthen & tone) 
PRACTICE 3 | BUDDHI OG (original gangster) 
PRACTICE 4 | BUDDHI R (sultry and restorative)
PRACTICE 5 | BUDDHI OG (original gangster) 
PRACTICE 6 | BUDDHI ST (strengthen & tone)
PRACTICE 7 | BUDDHI OG (original gangster)
PRACTICE 8 | BUDDHI R (sultry and restorative) 
PRACTICE 9 | BUDDHI OG (original gangster)

Expect classes to be joyful, intelligent, soulful and intense.  ALL Classes, regardless of the style,  are a blend of breath, yoga, dance, kriyas and core work.  Jayne’s main intention is to inspire students to move and awaken the very powerful energy in the second chakra,  to bring it up the spine and into the heart.  She creates an environment where participants can receive a visceral experience of their own beauty, magnificence, power and SHAKTI.

Limited to 10 spots!


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During this time when we are all doing our very best to stay safe, we are seeing how important connection is as well. Shakti is an important part of our lives and while the doors to the studio aren’t physically open, we are doing everything we can to bring the studio to you virtually.  We have created a few options to help enrich that experience, create sacred space in your homes and support the studio at the same time.