We apologize for any online registration glitches, please call 925-1655 or come in to the studio in person.  We will NEVER turn a student away.

We imagine you will notice that after being a part of our tribe, you will find yourself feeling ALIVE in a way that you never have before or didn’t even know was possible.   We want you to come experience our juju so that this Aspen Shakti spirit continues to grow far beyond Aspen and reaches into all of our daily lives, relationships, families, communities and beyond.  In this way, together, we will change the world!

Classes at Aspen Shakti are carefully curated to be ‘best in class’ of their type.  All classes are taught by highly sought after expert professionals in their fields from a wide variety of traditions in yoga, meditation, dance, fitness, energy and consciousness. 

The Aspen Shakti approach is to teach the importance of adopting a consistent and FUN practice together with a vibrant tribe of like-minded rockstars – that will ultimately inspire a healthier, more compassionate existence 100% of the time.

we have 3 types of classes unique to our meditation Method.

Join Aspen Shakti staff as they lead a guided meditation/reflection and offer space for quiet community. We have also included a Kirtan as part of the experience for mantra is a key way to help align our vibration or frequency with that which we are calling in, and when sung or spoken out loud the prayer (or intention) gets exponentialized. And it’s purely fun and feels great to open our voices and move energy – all in service of fortifying our intentions.

This meditation is all about ‘intending’ the highest outcome for one another – and together participating in calling forward our healed state. This is a meditation practice in which students will learn how to open their energy field and from there we will take 8-10 minutes per student to collectively anchor and visualize the highest outcome for everyone who participates. In this class everyone gets a chance to receive from one another and experience how intention plays a core role in shifting momentum. This is one of the most beautiful offerings at Shakti – join us!

A Sattva Journey seamlessly weaves together the elements of pranayama, kriya, asana and free movement to guide the practitioner through a journey into the self. Every class is unique and set to music and a theme, flowing and shifting energy in the body, mind, and spirit. This class is for those who wish to go beyond the typical western asana-focused yoga offering into the integrated and transformational teachings of the Himalayas. All levels welcome.

Pricing +

Meditation Membership : $55/month | meditation classes only