Buddhi Yoga Training | September 17th -22nd, 2019 | Aspen, Colorado

Buddhi yoga teacher training in Aspen, CO!

Buddhi Yoga Training | September 17th -22nd, 2019 | Aspen, Colorado


Buddhi is a feminine Sanskrit noun derived from *budh, to be awake, to understand, to know.

Shakti is the creative fertile energy of the universe …  anything that has shakti is alive, luminous and desirable. Put them together – you get a fully awakened, fully alive, fully turned on nervous system and you literally become a super attractor to all of life’s greatest.

~ What to expect in a Shakti Buddhi Training ~  
Inside each of us lives an untamed power/energy that wants to be expressed and unleashed in order for us to experience our highest potential and most radiant selves.
Throughout the 5 day program, students will learn a very powerful and dynamic yoga technology that focuses on awakening, igniting and channeling SHAKTI so that the entire nervous system can exist at optimal vitality.  From a more scientific lens – the practice strengthens each part of the nervous system, most specifically the connection between the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies.  This is a practice that will shake up and out anything that is stuck, stagnant, no longer serving your vitality nor the best version of yourself. It will transform you if you truly dedicate yourself to it.
The focus of this training, unlike many others out there, will not be perfectly formulaic nor mimicable.  This training is about inspiring and pulling out the natural teacher/leader inside each participant and empowering participants to create and offer up this work as their own masterpiece, or work in progress.   It’s aim is to extricate the Guru inside each trainee and to help harness his/her magic to inspire, challenge and motivate future students and build unwavering confidence inside.  The curriculum uses improv, kriyas, breathwork, archetype work, self study, monologue/scenework/theatre, voice and projection, yoga principles and universal truths, conscious language study, dance techniques, plyometrics, anatomy and kinesthesiology to serve this mission.  
In Buddhi Yoga we consistently relate the process of transformation and awakening shakti back to the Chakra system to emphasize the interconnectedness of mind, body spirit  and how powerful it can be when we start to tap into that connection.  The practice itself, as well as the training empowers students to breakthrough stuck energy or self-destructive patterns that may affect their day to day lives as well as inevitably impact their leadership skills as a yoga practitioner. 

Tuesday September 17

4:30 – 5:45pm  Buddhi Class – [Aspen Shakti]

6:00 – 7:30pm – Opening Circle / Intentions (personal & group) [Aspen, location TBD]

Buddhi Philosophy/Energetics  – (why buddhi, what is buddhi,  how it follows a traditional Shakti yoga blueprint)

Wednesday September 18

8:30-9:30am – Meditation Practice – ‘Tuning Your Frequency & Morning Kriyas’ [Smuggler Park]

9:30 – 11:00am – breakfast & free time

11:00am – 1:00pm – Buddhi class

1:00 – 4:00pm

  • Buddhi Formula & Class Structure

  • Components of Buddhi – playlist, theme, personal archetype

  • Buddhi Sequencing  – Structuring Your Class

  • Class energetics – what is happening

  • Small kriyas & larger whole class as 1 kriya – what it’s doing

  • ‘The Mixologist’

  • Integrative Kriyas

4pm on – personal time to create your own class/playlist/archeytype

Thursday September 19

8:00 – 8:45am – Meditation Practice & Morning Kriyas’ [Aspen Shakti]

9:00 – 10:15am  required yoga class

10:30 – 11:45am – optional Buddhi &/or breakfast & free time

12:00 – 1:00pm free time

1:00pm – 4:00pm What makes a Shakti Teacher?

  • Shakti Brand / Values / Mission

  • Archetypes

  • Personal Teaching Mission Statement  – what are you teaching/modeling & why?  How do you live your yoga/buddhi?

  • Identifying Personal Frequency & Practices to keep your Shakti ALIVE

  • Music & Improv Skills

  • Voice work, Monologue, ‘Sacred Theatre’

4:00 – 7:00pm dinner and free time

7:00 – 10:00pm – location TBD

  • Movement Vocabulary / Ingredients

  • Warm Up

  • Plyometrics and Strength Training

  • Yoga

  • African/Capoeira

  • Body Rolls – side and front – core engagement

  • Latin/Cuban/Samba

  • Belly Dance/Bollywood

  • Hip Hop

  • Cool Down

  • Contraindications

Friday September 20

8:00 – 8:45am – Meditation Practice – location TBD

9:00am – 11:00am – breakfast & free time (optional yoga class at Shakti)

11:00am – 1:00pm – Buddhi Student led start and stop class – integrating student teachers, Discuss Public assignment

1:00 – 2:30pm lunch & free time

2:30-4:30p – Spirit Crowns Workshop

5:00 – 7:00pm – SOLSTICE BUDDHI in the Park & Picnic

7-9pm – Public assignment

Saturday September 21

8:00 – 8:45am – Meditation Practice – Manifestation/Visualization & Morning Kriyas

9a – 11am – breakfast & free time or optional yoga class

1:00-12:30 – Closing Circle, Questions


50hr Training 
Payment Plan – Please contact the studio to inquire about payment options
$500 deposit due at time of registration, 
*Non-refundable after TBD


Jayne’s classes changed my life. I went from an ambivalent yoga recreationalist to a die-hard Buddhi yogi. Not only has Shakti given me a new avenue for exercise, Shakti and specifically Buddhi, has helped me become a more confident and free woman. I am moved to tears at nearly every class by the sheer freedom of self-expression exploding from the room. Without Buddhi yoga, I would not be the woman and yogi I am today. -Aisha Weinhold
I had always struggled with finding a group work out that I actually enjoyed until a friend encouraged me to try Buddhi yoga at Shakti. After my first class I was HOOKED! I went on to complete the spring Buddhi challenge, and have continued to practice Buddhi ever since the challenge ended. Jayne leads a pack of wild souls throughout the class with a mix of yoga asana, dance, cardio, and twerking. It is the ultimate empowerment yoga class. Not only do I feel incredible after class physically, Buddhi also makes me feel mentally refreshed. The class has opened my eyes to a new form of movement and introduced me to new friends- we even have a group Buddhi text to encourage one another to practice as often as possible! -Melissa Wisenbaker
Buddhi (at Shakti) gets me out of my head and into my body, reminds me to move without judgement, embrace vulnerability, and express more love and compassion every day I get to be alive. It’s addicting, strong, sensual, empowering, built in community, and brings my body back to its true energy each time!
 – Jordan Gamble

More about Buddhi . . .

When I first started teaching Shakti Buddhi yoga, not only did my whole life light up, but this practice became the most potent source of my vitality and an addiction I will never give up.
Part of my life’s work is to share the magic of Shakti Buddhi yoga  with as many men and women as I can. Any practice that increases radiant health, confidence, fun, sexuality, and one’s inner and outer beauty has the potential to change the way people can relate to one another, and therefore has the capacity to positively change our reality and our planet.
Since I started practicing Shakti Buddhi yoga three times a week for over a year, I have lost weight, and tightened and toned my entire body. My face looks younger, my spirit is brighter, my joy is contagious, my love life has shifted from frustrating to peaceful, my career is thriving, my stamina is vital, my light is brighter and my ‘alive’ nature is palpable. If you want to feel empowered and confident to step across a threshold that has been holding you back from being your best self, then this is your practice.
Buddhi Yoga is a brilliant blend of Kundalini energy technologies, vinyasa, African dance, Capoeira, strength-training and twerking. This practice is a means to move energy through the body, to clear and purify, as well as to awaken sexual energy, inner confidence, outer beauty, positive body image, joy, freedom, and spirit. Life, abundance, creativity and joy become undeniably attracted to you.
As one of the core ingredients to make up the whole of Buddhi, the age-old Kundalini yoga system is basic, indescribably powerful, and one that works fast. While bone broth, jade eggs and meditation can offer powerful healing results, Kundalini yoga has the capacity to work in just one session.
African dance in Buddhi yoga awakens freedom, opens the heart and shakes any stale, stuck, stagnant energy up and out, releasing toxins and making space for the new. This spirited movement increases your life force and turns the entire system on. Capoeira requires focus and balance, and promotes agility, grace and fluidity.
Putting all of these art forms together, Buddhi is a most enlivening, comprehensive and healing total body workout, equivalent to running seven miles. Known to transform one’s inner environment, Buddhi students have noticed powerful physical results, such as wrinkles fading, eyes becoming whiter and brighter, and best of all, the building and awakening of one’s vitality and magnetism, which shifts the law of attraction in one’s favor.
The first week I began consistently practicing Buddhi yoga, my reality turned from surviving to thriving, from being in force to being in flow, from being turned off to turned on. I knew I had found a practice that offered my body, mind and spirit a perfect food to feed the most important radiant source inside me—my inner Shakti.

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