Fall 2019 Buddhi Immersion & Shakti Meditation Retreat | October 8th-13th, 2019 | Aspen, Colorado

Buddhi yoga teacher training in Aspen, CO!

October 8, 2019 - October 13, 2019 @ All Day
Fall 2019 Buddhi Immersion & Shakti Meditation Retreat | October 8th-13th, 2019 | Aspen, Colorado

Fall 2019 Buddhi Immersion & Shakti Meditation Retreat

The Fall 2019 Buddhi Immersion and Shakti Meditation Retreat fuses an extensive and dynamic physical body practice with a powerful and effective mind calming and relaxing technique. This whole-istic program will reset and strengthen the entire nervous system as well as detoxify, purify and rebuild the mind, body, spirit connection in everyone who participates fully.
In the Buddhi focused portion of the immersion, students will learn a very powerful and dynamic yoga technology that focuses on awakening, igniting and channeling SHAKTI so that the entire nervous system can exist at optimal vitality. This is a practice that will shake up and out anything that is stuck, stagnant, no longer serving your vitality nor the best version of yourself. It will transform you if you truly dedicate yourself to it.
The Shakti Meditation Technique uses the powerful trinity of breath, presence and conscious language to elevate your health, sleep, and sex life, as well to help you thrive at work and at home. Meditation is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified. And it takes practice. You deserve the most extraordinary and ALIVE version of you. This is your chance to claim it.


FULL PROGRAM (to including TRAINING) : $2100 paid in full, or 4 payments of $575 each
*$575 deposit due at time of registration to hold your spot
*Non-refundable after Sept 27th
Only 8 Spots

Immersion & Meditation Retreat : $1600 paid in full, or 4 payments of $425 each
* $475 deposit due at time of registration to hold your spot
*Non-refundable after Sept 27th
Only 12 Spots


Tuesday Oct 8th
10:15-11:45am : Optional Buddhi Class [Aspen Shakti]
5:30 – 8:00pm : Opening Circle & Group Dinner [Jayne’s Home]
Opening Meditation
Intentions (personal & group)
Buddhi Philosophy/Energetics – (why buddhi, what is buddhi, intro/expectations/goals for training / balance & importance/alignment with meditation

Wednesday Oct 9th
9:00-10:30am : Meditation Practice – ‘Tuning Your Frequency & Morning Kriyas’
10:30-12:00pm : Introduce archetypes & Conscious Language Agreements
12:00 – 1:30pm : Personal time
1:30 – 4:00pm [Aspen Shakti, BUDDHI TRAINING]
Buddhi Formula & Class Structure / Science
Components of Buddhi – playlist, theme, personal archetype
Buddhi Sequencing – Structuring Your Class
Class energetics – what is happening
Small kriyas & larger whole class as 1 kriya – what it’s doing
‘The Mixologist’
Integrative Kriyas
4:30-5:45pm : Buddhi Class
6:00pm onward : Personal time & Conscious Language Assignment
begin preparing music & teaching

Thursday Oct 10th [Aspen Shakti all day]
8:00-9:00am : Group Meditation
9:00-12:00pm : Movement Vocabulary / Ingredients / Breakdown
Warm Up
Plyometrics and Strength Training
Body Rolls – side and front – core engagement
Belly Dance/Bollywood
Hip Hop
Cool Down
Contraindications / Modifications

1:30pm – 4:00pm What makes a Shakti Teacher / Archetype Identification
Archetypes – Identifying your personal Archetype
Personal Teaching Mission Statement – what are you teaching/modeling & why? How do you live your yoga/buddhi?
Identifying Personal Frequency & Practices to keep your Shakti ALIVE
Music & Improv Skills
5:30-6:45pm – OPTIONAL yoga class
7:00-8:30pm – Discuss & Assign Sacred Theatre

Friday Oct 11th [Aspen Shakti all day]
8:00 – 8:45am : Group Meditation Practice
9:00am – 10:30am : Breakfast & free time (optional yoga class at Shakti)
10:30-11:45am : BUDDHI class
1:00-4:00pm : Students each teach 1 BUDDHI song
4:00-7:00pm : Personal Time to prepare Sacred Theatre Piece
7:00 -10:00pm – Sacred Theatre

Saturday Oct 12
8:00 – 8:45am : Personal Meditation Practice on your own (Manifestation/Visualization & Morning Kriyas)
9:00-10:30am : OPTIONAL Yoga Class
12:30-4:30pm : Buddhi Student led start and stop class – integrating student teachers – each student to teach 2-3 songs . . . and feedback
Discuss Public assignment /Spirit Crowns
6:30-9:00pm : Public Assignment/Spirit Crown Workshop

Sunday Oct 13th
8:00-8:45am : Group Meditation Practice (*possibly student led)
9:00 -10:30am : YOGA Class with Jayne
11:00-1:00pm Closing Circle
1:30 Depart


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