Shakti is the essence of vibrant health, feeling good in your own skin and feeling that your life has meaning and value.

Our Story

ASPEN SHAKTI is a high vibration lifestyle movement that encourages people to live lit up lives; open to infinite possibilities, intentional manifestation and deeply meaningful interactions that activate/inspire the individual soul as well as the collective.

We offer in-person, guided meditations as well as recorded sessions with some of the world’s leading mindfulness teachers. One of the things we are most excited about is the sanctuary we have created for your personal comfort and enjoyment. Our serene space was designed as an urban retreat in the heart of Aspen. We aspire to make your meditation habit accessible, fun, and effortless.

We are Aspen’s premier and most dynamic yoga, meditation, dance and lifestyle school with in-studio, mountain top, on-location, and in the workplace offerings.  We offer daily classes as well as workshops taught by Internationally renowned Presenters who share and educate on the subjects of transformation, spirit, stress relief, body access, health and vitality, the enormous creativity of the mind and human spirit and many other subjects that speak to the profound and tangible connection of the mind, body and spirit.
Simply stated, Aspen Shakti is a movement that brings people to their best, again and again, and helps to awaken full access to creativity, health and abundant energy, so we can all be meaningful and positive contributions to evolution.  In this way, we aim most importantly to leave this world better than the way we found it.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to serving our community, and beyond, in the highest, most creative, and fun ways possible.  We are committed to doing the inner work so that we can truly ‘walk our talk’ and live this short life feeling radiantly ALIVE.  We aim to then spread that higher vibration as often and as gracefully as possible!!!

Misty Sundseth
Boutique Manager
Jamie Butemeyer
jayne gottlieb
Jayne Gottlieb
Executive Director

Our Founder

Jayne Gottlieb

Jayne was featured as a local legend in Aspen Skiing Company’s Faces of Aspen. Read the full article and check out the video below!

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful creatrice. She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, yogini, creative business consultant and consciousness muse who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health, and inspires positivity as a lifestyle.

Tenacity and passion are the common denominators in Jayne’s varied career and have allowed her to claim the title of entrepreneur and active community change agent in Aspen for the last 15 years.  Within 3 years of moving to the Aspen Valley, straight after graduating from the Univ of Virginia with a BA in the performing arts,  Jayne started her first business, Jayne Gottlieb Productions, which for the last 10 years has been a company that empowers young people to step into their individual greatness through the context of theatre.  It is exciting to announce that several of Jayne’s students have gone on to pursue professional careers in the theatre and music arts both in NYC and LA.  It is also exciting to note that JGP exploded the opportunities for youth in the performing arts and offered a mountain town something it had never seen before in regards to a professional theatre experience.

Currently, Jayne is the owner and visionary behind Aspen’s leading yoga/mindfulness studio,  Aspen Shakti, which is not only the most welcoming of yoga studios, but also extraordinary in its modeling of what powerful and positive influence a yoga studio can have on a community. Through this work, Jayne leads her tribe to remember that when we come together and truly ‘see’ ourselves and one another, it is so much easier and faster to live a life that is meaningful, fulfilling, joyful and ALIVE.

Hand in hand with her conscious leadership work, Jayne is a most inspiring and powerful yoga teacher.  Joyful, deep, inspiring and excitedly intense, Jayne draws on her always evolving knowledge of the body, her own study of spiritual psychology, yoga, priestess wisdom and ritual.  She offers yoga and meditation as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for the body, mind and heart.  In the yoga room, her aim is to invite students to realize that personal growth is not only powerful and self-elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and successfully “choicefully integrated” into everyday living.

Currently Jayne teaches weekly and classes in Aspen CO, both at Aspen Shakti and atop Aspen Mountain at 11,212 elevation,  as well as retreats and trainings worldwide.

Our Boutique

Welcome to our boutique where mystical meets modern. We carry only really special and highly unique products that align with the adornment of the spirit, soul, and body.

Impact Nights

What is an Impact Night?

A happening of possibility.  A culture of vitality.  A tribe of radiant doers.


Impact Nights exist as experiences to tempt the Mind, Body & Social parts of ourselves – we intend for these events to feel like a ‘coming together of the Aspen Institute and Burning Man’ all wrapped into an evening packed full of radical inspiration, community and conscious leadership.

A curated collection/blend of cutting edge content to include live lectures, relevant podcasts and TED Talks that highlight the positive impact our speakers are making towards consciousness, fashion, energy, sex, addiction, manifestation, abundance, love, mindfulness, relationships, leadership – to name a few.

An opportunity for Presenters to engage the Aspen audience and connect with people of influence in an intimate and unique way.  

An opportunity for Attendees to share in the building of cutting edge culture, and to network with visionaries, creatives, artists and radical thinkers/doers.   

Interested? Email jayne@aspenshakti.com to learn more.

Rent our Space

Aspen Shakti offers space for businesses, nonprofits, trunk shows, focus groups, etc as a beautiful venue rental option in the core of Aspen CO.

  • We have a place that is unlike anything else in Aspen CO
  • Enormously visually and energetically stimulating – a private, sacred & elevated experience
  • Audio/Visual Capacity
  • 150 person capacity

Aspen Shakti is available for private rental during business hours, in the evenings and on weekends;  depending on our studio schedule and enough advance notice, we can typically accommodate any needs.  Members receive a discount on our rental prices. We love to rent to people who believe in what we’re doing and feel a connection and love for the space.  

Please email our studio director at manager@aspenshakti.com for more details