not just any community...
not just any community...

ASPEN SHAKTI is a welcoming, safe and sacred community into which everyone is invited to challenge themselves to come fully alive inside the studio space and beyond.

We are a high vibration lifestyle movement that encourages people to live lit up lives; open to infinite possibilities, intentional manifestation and deeply meaningful interactions that activate/inspire the individual soul as well as the collective.

Aspen Shakti all began because I saw a need in the Aspen community for COMMUNITY . .  not just any community, an inspired collective, eventually to become a tribe, a group of individuals who came from all the different passions (skiing, hiking, biking, yoga, dance, etc), and came together to surround themselves with like minded people who wanted to feel MORE ALIVE, more on purpose, more vibrant and healthy and connected to themselves, to our town, and to living the best life ever, everyday, and committed to giving back.  I was teaching on the top of Aspen mountain at the time and consistently, like daily, my friends and students would relentlessly encourage me to ‘bring my spirit, my energy, my knack for inspiring and collecting people to come together and change their lives and the world for the better’ to Aspen – ‘we need you in Aspen ‘ . . ‘we need a siren, a magnet, someone who has the energy and life force and desire to pull the best out of Aspen’. And so . . . I heeded the call and Aspen Shakti was born.

Additionally, Aspen was founded on the principles behind ‘The Aspen Idea’, and it is widely known around here that Aspen is truly a place where ‘the mind, body, and spirit can flourish’ . . and so, in line with the Aspen Idea, I knew I could create a home for this concept and a conscious business that truly served the well-being and connected nature of community.  Aspen Shakti’s current national and global visions are a result of the very difficult challenge of operating a sustainable business in a resort town where rent is astronomically high, and population is low and extremely seasonal – and so Aspen Shakti version was born with the plan of proving a concept and opening a mothership studio, connected to my home community and to the Aspen brand, that could then flourish in communities with denser populations and year round business.

Beyond the extraordinary people who have developed, continue to develop and literally are the soul of this business, Aspen Shakti’s main characters are determination, passion, tenacity, joy, playfulness, teamwork, hospitality and authenticity.  We are a place where the human journey and the divine journey meet . . . and in that epic place, which is no doubt messy and beautiful, challenging and blissful, hard and brave and incredible all at the same time, we have built a family and an extraordinary living movement where we stand for UPLIFTING ourselves, our families, our friends, the community at large, and the planet.    We call this full spectrum living, and although it can be fierce work and it is certainly not for the faint of heart, and we know that to truly be successful it’s gonna take the biggest thinkers, the biggest believers, the most open, clear & vital bodies & the most alive & dedicated spirits – we think it is the only way to live and love – turned on, fully alive and full of SHAKTI!

our mission
dedicated to serving our community,

Aspen Shakti exists to shift, uplevel and elevate what it feels like to ‘awaken’ and choose a more conscious path and way of living. At Aspen Shakti, special, detailed attention has been paid to create a greater industry standard in the world of yoga and consciousness and to lead by example for the future of yoga. From the authentic, luxurious hospitality — to the carefully curated schedule of offerings — to the ‘master yogi in residence’ program — to the mix of social events designed to stimulate the intellectual and social realms of life — to the beautiful, warm inviting space — Aspen Shakti’s intention is to challenge and open the physical, emotional and spiritual body to make living an authentic, conscious life more fun, playful, rich and accessible.

our founder
a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful creatrice.
jayne gottlieb

She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur and speaker who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health, and inspires positivity as a lifestyle.

Currently, Jayne is the owner and visionary behind Aspen’s leading destination yoga/movement studio and extraordinary living center, Aspen Shakti. Shakti is not only the most welcoming of studios, but also extraordinary in its modeling of what powerful and positive influence a business can have on a community.

Jayne is an inspiring and powerful yoga & movement teacher. Joyful, intelligent, soulful and intense, she draws on her ever evolving knowledge of the body, spiritual psychology, anatomy, kinesthesiology, yoga, priestess wisdom, shaman studies, ritual, and energy laws to lead and craft her classes. Her classes are a masterful blend of breath, alignment and flow and she uses intelligent cues that have been developed over her 20-plus years of practicing and teaching to lead students and colleagues towards transformation and radiant health.  Jayne’s core intention is to invite students to realize that personal growth is not only powerful and self-elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and integrated into everyday living. 

Jayne is a dedicated practitioner as well as the creator of Shakti Buddhi Yoga. She embodies what she teaches and leads/inspires students with the same drive and encouragement she gives herself. She spends much of her time running Aspen Shakti and igniting higher consciousness in her current home, Aspen, Colorado.

Jayne has been Featured in:

  • The Purist Magazine
  • Aspen Peak Magazine – ‘The Most Powerful and Influential Women in Aspen’
  • Aspen Sojourner Magazine
  • She is an Aspen/Snowmass Local Legend
  • Yoga Journal Magazine
  • Yoga Journal and Yoga International Online



  • Over 10,000 hours of teaching
  • ERYT-200
  • Certified Buddhi Yoga™
  • Headliner Yoga On The Mountain Festival
  • Lead yoga teacher and facilitator at the Wanderlust Festival
  • Aspen Yoga School – Lead Educator & Curriculum Design
  • Speaker & Panelist w/ Aspen Strong & Lead with Love
Jayne was featured as a local legend in Aspen Skiing Company's Faces of Aspen.
Our Boutique
‘walking shakti’
Welcome to our Aspen boutique where mystical meets beautiful, meets inspired, meets contemporary, meets sexy!

We carry only really special and highly unique products that align with expressing the spiritual, soulful, mindful and conscious artist within. 

We know that who and what you surround yourself with becomes normalized . . . so we like to offer products and experiences that bring stunning and incredible into your life and the lives of your friends and family.  Our boutique mission – everyone who walks into Aspen Shakti walks out SHAKTIFIED!!!

What is a Shakti Talk?

Shakti Talks exist as experiences to tempt the Mind, Body & Social parts of ourselves – we intend for these events to feel like a ‘coming together of the Aspen Institute and Burning Man’ all wrapped into an evening packed full of radical inspiration, community and conscious leadership, and learning.

These events or ‘talks’ are a carefully curated collection/blend of cutting edge content and the format includes live lectures, relevant podcasts and ‘TED Talks’ that highlight the positive impact our speakers are making towards consciousness, fashion-shows, energy work or learning lab, sex education, addiction seminars/workshops manifestation circles, abundance rituals, love rituals, mindfulness offerings, relationship work, leadership lectures/workshops  – to name a few. 

Shakti Talks are also :
  • an opportunity for Presenters to engage the Aspen audience and connect with people of influence in an intimate and unique way.  
  • an opportunity for Attendees to share in the building of cutting edge culture, and to network with visionaries, creatives, artists and radical thinkers/doers.   
  • Contact Jayne to learn more.


Consciousness is  RISING!

Aspen’s hottest new hotel, the W Aspen has partnered with Aspen Shakti to offer Aspen’s most extraordinary amenity!

The W Hotel Aspen offers unlimited Shakti classes as an amenity to their guests. This hotel’s stand on wellness and community is inspiring and we are so stoked to align with this brand.