Personally I like to say that with this practice, I am literally inviting everyone into my deepest core practice, the heart of what I do that keeps my creativity flowing, my sensuality, and my playfulness alive. This is where I source and find my inner power, creativity, effervescence and light. This practice brings participants together in a way where there is no judgment of ourselves or each other and it connects us in a very powerful way without words, but instead through the expression of freedom, and being present and in right relationship with the beauty, spirit and art of our physical bodies.

If you want to feel empowered and confident to make a change in your life that you’ve never been willing to make before, or if you’re looking to step across a threshold that has been holding you back from living the best life ever, from being the best you ever – this is your practice. I encourage you to join us  . . play full out . . and I promise you will walk out of this room the new you!

  • BUDDHI FIX (coming 2020)
  • BUDDHI STRONG (coming 2020)
  • BUDDHI RESTORE (coming 2020)
  • BUDDHI MEDITATION (coming 2020)
  • BUDDHI BABY (coming 2020)
  • THE DIGITAL STUDIO (coming 2020)
Coming 2020
Buddhi Mind Body Spirit by Jayne Gottlieb

Awaken your deepest authentic power with Buddhi Yoga by Jayne Gottlieb through a powerful, transformative, sexy, and super fun fitness experience. Drop out of the mind and connect deeply with the body through diverse movement, shake out any negative patterns, energy or limiting beliefs and wildly open your heart and ability to work with and celebrate your sexuality. The class completes with deep stretching, breath and meditation. Big picture BUDDHI intends to strengthen your access and relationship to creativity, sexuality, and spirituality.  The movement works to move and unleash the energy in the second chakra, the bring it up the spine and all throughout the body so you can begin to use this magnetic energy in your life off the mat consciously. 

This is a practice that will undoubtedly ignite your shakti – it will shake up and out anything that is stuck, stagnant, no longer serving your vitality nor the best version of yourself. It will transform you if you truly dedicate yourself to it.  


Physically, students can expect a blend of yoga asana, dance, kundalini kriyas, tantra, cardio, plyometric movement, hip hop, and twerking, of course. From Beyonce to Lizzo, Drake, to Eminem and a mix of fabulous afro-beat dance beats and underground trap tracks, each class is absolutely SHAKTI manifesting as Pure Joy.

Pricing +
Classic $28
Body Membership

$75/month | fitness and dance only