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01 Aug: Backbends: More than just a Physical Practice.

On average, the human heart beats 115,000 times per day. That’s 115,000 reminders that you are very much alive, reminders that your life force is cycling within, ready to take on another day. It’s 115,000 reminders that it is never too late to embrace your energy and share it with the world.

12 Jul: How to Live a More Meaningful Life

Satisfaction and Meaning Living a life that has some kind of meaning is one of the most widely held goals in existence — something by which we motivate and measure ourselves. Just how to do this is a conundrum that has challenged philosophers, scientists, and so many people throughout the ages. But perhaps the solution may not be as complex as it seems. While there is no single answer, research has shown that there are several factors that influence our ability to find satisfaction and meaning in life.  Read more  . . .

18 May: Why I Will Never Live a Conventional 9-to-5 Lifestyle.

Do you believe the conventional lifestyle of this society is making people happy? Do you believe the conventional lifestyle of this society is making people healthy? Do you believe the conventional lifestyle of this society is making the planet itself healthy or happy? Asking these questions is such an important thing we all need to do. We can take a look at our own life, our community, and our planet as a whole and really ask ourselves if we think what we see is working. If it is clear to us that it is not working, then we need to get curious and interested in what changes we can engage in to feel like we are being part of the solution, instead…

Our classes are taught by highly sought after and expert professionals in their fields from a wide variety of traditions in of yoga, meditation, dance, fitness and consciousness expansion.  The Aspen Shakti approach is to teach the importance of adopting a consistent practice within or inspired by this vibrant underculture tribe  – that will ultimately inspire a healthier, more compassionate existence 100% of the time, no days off, woven into your lifestyle and your person.

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell

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Matt O-Reilly

Hell Ya! I was starting to worry about where I’d be doing the Yoga this summer.
Can’t wait.

Rebecca Cole

OMG Jayne awesome! Finally & can’t wait! I will be there on May 10 to celebrate with the Shakti family!

Ladies, who’s in?
Michael Miracle

Thank you very much for being there. As an entrepreneur and a community-minded business person—and someone who shows that business ambition and community can go hand-in-hand—you bring so much valuable perspective to the conversation.


Gina Murdock

Jayne is an incredible resource. She’s sharp, unwaveringly optimistic, gutsy & a hell of a lot of fun. I love collaborating with her & watching the magic unfold. She’s incredibly supportive with an amazing ‘can do’ attitude that is completely contagious!


Michelle Dezember

You are magnetic, full of ideas and life. Great job on creating the studio and following your dreams. Your yoga classes are excellent – I find them inspirational. 

There is no better way to start every message i have for you than this…I could not have anticipated how much I would grow through this experience, and I am so grateful for your patience, support, and resources. They have made me stronger and given me a richer outlook on life. So thank you.


aspen shakti
Our Story

ASPEN SHAKTI is a high vibration lifestyle movement that encourages people to live lit up lives; open to infinite possibilities, intentional manifestation and deeply meaningful interactions that activate/inspire the individual soul as well as the collective. We are Aspen’s premier and most dynamic yoga, meditation, dance and lifestyle school with in-studio, mountain top, on-location, and in the workplace offerings.  We offer daily classes as well as workshops taught by Internationally renowned Presenters who share and educate on the subjects of transformation, spirit, stress relief, body access, health and vitality, the enormous creativity of the mind and human spirit and many other subjects that speak to the profound and tangible connection of the mind, body and spirit.
Simply stated, Aspen Shakti is a movement that brings people to their best, again and again, and helps to awaken full access to creativity, health and abundant energy, so we can all be meaningful and positive contributions to evolution.  In this way, we aim most importantly to leave this world better than the way we found it.

Aspen Shakti Version 2.0 is the lovechild of the Aspen Community and tells the story of determination and celebration of many individual geniuses coming together to form an institution that is far greater than the sum of its parts.  We are a model for community change, an icon of conscious business and a leader in offering, creating and defining the quintessential ALIVE experience.  

We believe that the connection to one another and to the self through a consistent embodied practice is an essential component of a modern ALIVE society and we are passionate about making these offerings accessible, fun and potent additions to an awake life experience and the Aspen culture .  

Classes at Aspen Shakti are taught by highly sought after expert professionals in their fields from a wide variety of traditions in of yoga, meditation, dance, fitness and consciousness expansion.  The Aspen Shakti approach is to teach the importance of adopting a consistent practice together with and/or inspired by this vibrant tribe  – that will ultimately inspire a healthier, more compassionate existence 100% of the time, no days off, woven into your lifestyle and your person.

Our Shakti tribe;  we think of ourselves as are the radical, creative and magnetic underculture of Aspen, that actually makes Aspen what it is and is an inportant reason that Aspen feels so special when you land here, be it a day, a week or a lifetime, you can feel it.  We are full of soul and and are purposely located in the central core of Aspen CO so that this eruption of SHAKTI infiltrates into and touches every part of our community in a transformative way.   We imagine you will notice that after being a part of our tribe, you will find yourself feeling ALIVE in a way that you never have before or didn’t even know was possible.   And so, we have created a culture that encourages you to keep connected, or makes it possible to bring Shakti to you so that you can truly decide that your life is absolutely worth living in this way always, and never turn back.  We want you to know that we are here and would love to help so that this Aspen Shakti spirit continues to grow far beyond Aspen and reaches into all of our daily lives, relationships, families, communities and beyond.  In this way, together, we will change the world!

Jayne Gottlieb is a potent, fun, free-spirited and powerful “creatrice.” She is a yoga/meditation teacher, business owner and entrepreneur, dancer,  yogini, and consciousness muse who encourages personal growth, elevates physical and emotional health, and inspires positivity for a lifestyle.

Joyful, deep, inspiring and excitedly intense, Jayne draws on her always evolving knowledge of the body, her own study of spiritual psychology, yoga, priestess wisdom and ritual.  Jayne offers yoga and meditation as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude. Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for your body, mind and heart.

Jayne is known for her vigorous, devotional, and transformative classes as well as her ability to bring lightness and happiness into spaces both formal and informal. class on and off the mat. A deep believer in the depth of mind, body, spirit connection, her classes are soulful, lively, fluid and artful. Her aim is to invite students to realize that personal growth is not only powerful and self-elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and successfully “choicefully integrated” into everyday living.

Tenacity and passion are the common denominators in Jayne’s varied career and have allowed her to claim the title of entrepreneur and active community change agent in Aspen for the last 12 years.  Within 3 years of  moving to the Aspen Valley, straight after graduating from the Univ of Virginia with a BA in the performing arts,  Jayne started her first business, Jayne Gottlieb Productions,  which for the last 10 years has been a company that empowers young people to step into their individual greatness through the context of theatre.  It is exciting to announce that several of Jayne’s students have gone on to pursue professional careers in the theatre and music arts both in NYC and LA.  It is also exciting to note that JGP exploded the opportunities for youth in the performing arts and offered a mountain town something it had never seen before in regards to a professional theatre experience.

More recently Jayne shifted gears a bit from youth education to adult and community expansion and has built and been running Aspen’s most dynamic and effervescent yoga studio and community space in the downtown core, (The Aspen Shakti Shala).  In addition to JGP and consistently aiming to expand the Shakti Shala into a model for community change, an icon of conscious business and a leader in offering, creating and defining the quintessential Aspen experience, Jayne’s current endeavors include being a founding member of both the Aspen City of Wellbeing Initiative, as well as The Aspen Entrepreneurs and Investors Network.  Summer 2016, Jayne is launching the Aspen Entrepreneurs School which aims to share the tools of entrepreneurship with as many people as possible.  It is the first school of it’s kind to include a daily wellness regimen and as an essential tool of the entrepreneur, and holds the goal of putting Aspen o the map as a hotspot and/or national model for youth and adult leadership and entrepreneurship.

A Bhaktini, Jayne embraces yoga and spiritual devotion as a lifestyle both on and off the mat. She was recently named a woman of influence of Aspen, Colorado by Aspen Peak Magazine, as well as a Lululemon store ambassador for the past 3 years. Through her children’s theatre company, the Aspen Shakti Shala, yoga, and fulfilling relationships, she radiates the power of soulfulness and spiritual awakening both for others and herself.

Meet Sam.

Sam is gorgeous.  Sam is gorgeous in 100 ways – to start because he is eager to grow, open to possibility, curious to connect more deeply with himself, his loved ones and the world, and he sees that life is truly what HE chooses to make of it.  He knows deep inside that he has an endless well of creativity, charm, and zeal but he felt his light was dimming and his source of inspiration seemed to be getting squashed by some pattern of being that he couldn’t quite identify – his job, his relationship  (or a lack there of), his habitual exercise regime, his schedule etc etc etc.

Simply put, he was exhausted and uninspired and therefore struggling to access his greatness.

Age irrelevant, Sam was ready for a new chapter and ready beyond for the shift to show up yesterday – he found himself even willing to create the shift (possibly in a less dramatic (or devastating), way compared to the past, but he was lost for the firestarter.

Serendipitously, it was on the most unconscious of ski vacations that Sam happened upon just what he was looking for – his consciousness muse.

Right in the downtown core, among all the ski shops and art galleries and eateries, right in the spot you would least expect to find a relentless conscious business visionary and community change society,  Sam found Jayne & Aspen’s house of true empowerment – the Aspen Shakti Shala.

Similar to the experience of walking past a ylang ylang tree in the jungle, or the smell of a summer barbecue after completing an epic 14er, when you walk past the Shala, if you are paying attention, it is impossible to resist the allure and temptation of being usurped by the fun, play, magic, artistry, embodiment and pure potential that lives inside those walls and wants to be shared with everyone!

In meeting Jayne, owner and visionary and CEO of the Aspen Shakti Shala, Sam found his muse and found it was an intoxicating process of self empowerment and energy that he could not walk away from.

Sam found that by working with Jayne that his creativity was re-ignited, and without even trying he began experiencing the radiance and success he was missing.  He was able to set himself up and accurately describe, in a way that excited him,  who he was so that he could attract the kind of people and experiences that could generate something, so he ended up feeling alive and radiant and vibrant more often.

With Jayne’s guidance, he was able to identify and address issues/patterns in his life and illuminate new pathways for living and more effective ways of thinking.

Learn how to to better manage anxiety, improve leadership skills and find the clarity and courage to stand more passionately in your purpose.  Ultimately, working with Jayne is an opportunity to live a life full of more joy, radiance, abundance and fun.  It is exciting to incorporate the body in this process so as to revitalize your entire being in a way that creates self growth and infinitely improves your life overall. Join us.

As a Shakti community we honor and seek to teach about the full the spectrum of human experiences, emotions and lessons and we provide a place where each of us is welcome no matter what part of the journey we are on.  

We wholeheartedly invite you to come be a part of this community.  We are certain you will receive inspiration and/or support a plenty, as well as feel there is a place to leave behind your unique energy so that others may benefit from your presence.  The practices here are intended to be shared far beyond the self and in fact we ask that whatever gems or releases or insights you find here, or anywhere on your path, that you share these essences with your family, friends, communities or even strangers.  We imagine that through the open sharing of these moments, we can all contribute intentionally and consciously to the connectedness and betterment of this world

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