Aspen's Destination Yoga & Lifestyle Studio

Aspen's Destination Yoga & Lifestyle Studio

SHAKTI is the creative energy of the universe.
Anything that has Shakti is ALIVE, luminous and desirable.

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Because life is way too short to be anything other than fully ALIVE!!!

Because rules and limitations fade away when you live knowing that you do not get this day back!’

Because life is so much more FUN and full of LOVE when you find your TRIBE.’


Backbends: More than just a Physical Practice.

On average, the human heart beats 115,000 times per day. That’s 115,000 reminders that you are very much alive, reminders that your life force is cycling within, ready to take on another day. It’s 115,000 reminders that it is never too late to embrace your energy and share it with the world.

meaningful living
How to Live a More Meaningful Life

Satisfaction and Meaning Living a life that has some kind of meaning is one of the most widely held goals in existence — something by which we motivate and measure ourselves. Just how to do this is a conundrum that has challenged philosophers, scientists, and so many people throughout the ages. But perhaps the solution may not be as complex as it seems. While there is no single answer, research has shown that there are several factors that influence our ability to find satisfaction and meaning in life.  Read more  . . .

“I don’t believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell

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